I am thankful they were around when I needed a friend and a helping hand.

About us

Birth Companions believes that every woman has the right to give birth with dignity, in a supportive environment. We believe that no woman should have to approach labour feeling that she has no one to turn to for support during the birth of her baby.

Birth Companions offers a service that is free, confidential, sensitive and non-judgemental. We do not discriminate against a mother on any grounds including the offence she has committed or is alleged to have committed. We respect and meet the individual needs of the women we work with. We monitor and evaluate what we do in order to provide the best possible services to expectant and new mothers..

Our day-to-day support work means we have direct experience of the areas where improvements are needed in the treatment of pregnant women and new mothers in detention as well as vulnerable women in the community. We seek to raise awareness of the needs of the women we work with and to influence changes in policy and law to improve conditions.