I have had five children and breastfed only this one. Without your support I think I would have given up.

Get involved

Birth Companions relies on a wide range of supporters. Our volunteers, donors and supporters are incredibly valuable to us and we would not be able to help the number of pregnant women and new mums that we do without their generosity.

There are several  ways in which people get involved.

Every 18 months or so we recruit volunteers to become birth companions. Being a birth companion involves supporting women through pregnancy, birth and after the baby is born. For more information click here.
Unfortunately we aren't able to facilitate midwifery placements or take vistiors into the prison to observe our work.

We rely on donations and funds from a wide range of sources as we receive no government funding. Any donations received are hugely appreciated. For further information click here.

We are interested in hearing from you about your experience of pregnancy, birth or parenting your baby in prison or detention. We are particularly interested in hearing from women who have used our services. For more information click here.

PramDepot is an arts-led recycling project run in collaboration with Birth Companions, which is being funded by the Arts Council and Collage Arts.
We are always looking for donations especially moses baskets, buggies and sterilising units, baby blankets, bedding and baby clothes. Everything you donate will be recycled and passed on to the women who Birth Companions are supporting.
Giving us your old items means you are helping to save our planet by keeping all your unwanted baby items out of LANDFILL and helping new mums and babies who are struggling for many reasons.
If you are interested in giving up some of your time to help us sort and organise donations please contact us.
Sign up to the PramDepot mailing list to receive news about our workand fundraising activities here

If you have any additional skills you would like to offer then please get in touch.