I have had five children and breastfed only this one. Without your support I think I would have given up.

Service User Involvement

Getting in touch
Would you like to tell us about your experience of pregnancy, birth or parenting your baby in prison or detention? We are particularly interested in hearing from women who have used our services. Birth Companions is committed to improving the support we provide for women and also influencing change. You can email or write to us. We would love to hear from you.

Evaluation forms
We ask women who attend our groups and receive one to one support to give us feedback using our evaluation forms. This helps us to continue doing what we do well, to think about what we can do differently and to generate ideas about how best to develop the services and support we offer.

Developing our Service User Involvement
We are looking at how women who have used our services can become involved in Birth Companions, and we held our first ever event for service users in 2012. It was a lunch and feedback session where women shared their insights and experiences of being pregnant, giving birth and parenting in prison and after they were released. This gave us very valuable feedback and also some ideas about how to improve the way we support women.

We also asked women how they would like to be involved with Birth Companions in the future. There was interest in attending future feedback events and helping with training our new volunteers on the issues facing women in prison.

We are pleased and encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm that women have shown so far and we are planning further events each year. If you have used our services and would like to get involved in similar, up-coming events please get in contact.