I felt a huge amount of support, I was able to share my experiences with the other girls and the birth companions without fear of judgement.

Teuta's story

My name is Teuta and I would like to share the most wonderful miracle experience, an indefinable feeling of joy while giving birth to both of my children.

My experience giving birth was an experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

 I must say that I am so proud that none of my wishes were taken from me. I am not in that position to say: "If only I could have done it differently..." or "Oh well, the next time..."

I had the pleasure to have Birth Companions with me in giving birth to both of my children.

The support that I received has been amazing, before, during and after the birth of my children.

The Birth Companions became  friends, as well as helping me to feel reassured and at ease about my birth during a time of uncertainty.

A Birth Companion, in my opinion, acts like an advocate for you, is there to remind you preferences and raise the voice when needed.

My Birth Companion remembered our  conversations, and  what we agreed when it came to the birth.  They listened to me respected my wishes.

My birth plan was never forgotten and was always heard.

Understanding my needs, my  Birth Companion helped me to do whatever preparation was needed.  With this understanding, my discomfort was lessened and often was entirely absent. The most important thing was that I remained calm, focused and in control whatever the circumstances. That's how should it be. This is the atmosphere that should surround the birth of your child.

I believe every women should benefit from the knowledge and the experience these wonderful women have. A birth companion by your side during the most important time of your life is a must for every expectant mother.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to my Birth Companions.
Thank you so much.