Your inside guide to pregnancy, birth and motherhood in prison

6 November 2020

This Birth Companions publication, which has been developed in partnership with women who have lived experience, offers an accessible and comprehensive guide to pregnancy and early motherhood in the prison system, including information on: 

Remote hearings in the family justice system: feflections and experiences

5 October 2020
Follow-up consultation (September 2020)

Trauma-informed work with people in contact with the criminal justice system

15 September 2020

This article examines trauma-informed working within a criminal justice context. It forms part of a series from Clinks, created to develop a far-reaching and accessible evidence base covering the most common types of activity undertaken within the criminal justice system.

Alone and Waiting

25 August 2020
The experiences of pregnant women in prison during the Covid crisis

From Now On...

23 July 2020
Priorities for pregnant women and new mothers facing multiple disadvantage

Human Rights and the Government’s response to COVID-19

3 July 2020
Children whose mothers are in prison

Birth Companions' submission to the Women and Equalities Committee

1 May 2020
Read our submission to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 and associated measures.

The Birth Charter Toolkit

12 December 2019
A practical guide to implementing the Birth Charter’s recommendations

Enough is enough: Our priorities for the next government

18 November 2019
Birth Companions' priorities for the next government

The right to family life

9 September 2019
Children whose mothers are in prison

Whole prison, whole person

23 April 2019
How a holistic approach can support good mental health in prison

Maternity care reform in English prisons

8 March 2019
A century of unanswered concerns

Alternative approaches to prison for mothers of young children

1 January 2019

This study explores a range of alternative approaches to imprisonment for mothers of young children being taken in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and the US.

Guidance on Working with Women in Custody and the Community

1 December 2018
Guidance for practitioners who work with women in custody and the community

Female Offender Strategy

1 June 2018
This strategy sets out the Government’s commitment to a new programme of work for female offenders.

Gender specific standards to improve health and well-being for women in prison in England

1 March 2018

Document containing six key principles and 122 standards split into 10 sections addressing the health and well-being needs of women in prison. 

Safeguarding children when sentencing mothers

30 January 2018

Study exploring the lived experience of children whose mothers were in prison at the time of interview. 

Short but not sweet

4 July 2017

A study of the impact of short custodial sentences on mothers & their children

Birth Charter for Women in Prison in England and Wales

26 May 2017
The Birth Charter is a set of recommendations for the care of pregnant women and new mothers in prison.

Double Disadvantage

4 May 2017

Report released by Agenda and Women in Prison on black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) women in the criminal justice system. 

Corsten: 10 Years On

5 March 2017

This report aims to give an overview of what progress has been made to date in the implementation of the Corston recommendations.

Motherhood disrupted

2 March 2017
Reflections of post-prison mothers

Home Truths

5 September 2016
Housing for women in the criminal justice system

Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons

1 January 2016
A report to the Home Office

Enhancing Care for Childbearing women and their babies in Prison

1 November 2015

This report examines focuses on Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) in women's prisons, and the services they provide to childbearing women in prison and their babies.

Lost Spaces

5 May 2015

Is the current procedure for women prisoners to gain a place in a prison Mother and Baby Unit fair and accessible?

Women Offenders: Follow-Up

17 March 2015
House of Commons Justice Committee report

Mother & Baby Units

23 December 2014
Prison Service Instruction (PSI) 49/2014

An Unfair Sentence

5 November 2014
All babies count: spotlight on the Criminal Justice System

Brighter Futures

6 June 2014
Working together to reduce women's offending

Expectations: Criteria for assessing the treatment of and conditions for women in prison

5 June 2014

First version of HM Inspectorate of Prisons’ standards which specifically address the outcomes expected for women in prison.

Who Cares

5 June 2014
What Next for Women Offender Services

Women Offenders

6 July 2013
After the Corston Report

Statistics on Women and the Criminal Justice System 2013

6 June 2013

A Ministry of Justice publication

Working with children with a parent in prison

1 May 2013
Messages for practice from two Barnardo’s pilot services

No way out for foreign national women behind bars

30 January 2012

This briefing paper produces findings and recommendations which could be used to inform a much-needed national strategy for the management of foreign national women in the justice system.

Looked After Children and Offending

6 January 2012
Reducing Risk and Promoting Resilience

Cortson Report: Women in the penal system

6 June 2011
Second report

Engendering Justice - from Policy to Practice

30 May 2009
Final report of the Commission on Women and the Criminal Justice System

An analysis of the needs of pregnant women and mothers during and after detention in IRCs

1 May 2008

This report examines the needs of pregnant women and mothers during and after detention in immigration removal centres.

Prison Mother and Baby Units

20 January 2008
Do they meet the best interests of the child?

Corston Report

6 March 2007
A review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the Criminal Justice System

Perinatal Healthcare in Prison

6 July 2006
A Scoping Review of Policy and Provision

Getting it Right

6 June 2006
Services for Pregnant Women, New mothers and Babies in Prison

Enhancing Care for Childbearing Women and Babies in Prison

5 November 2005

Report examining Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) in women's prisons, and the services they provide to childbearing women in prison and their babies. It also looks at the broader issues faced by women prisoners. 

Mothers in Prison

6 June 1997
1994 Research Findings
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