Child protection conference practice during COVID-19

14 December 2020
Reflections and experiences (rapid consultation September–October 2020)

Supporting midwives to address the needs of women experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage

23 November 2020
Position Statement from the Royal College of Midwives

Remote hearings in the family justice system: reflections and experiences

5 October 2020
Follow-up consultation (September 2020)

Contact between children in care or adopted and their families

5 September 2020
Six key messages from research

Alone and Waiting

25 August 2020
The experiences of pregnant women in prison during the Covid crisis

From Now On...

23 July 2020
Priorities for pregnant women and new mothers facing multiple disadvantage

Managing through COVID-19

5 July 2020
The experiences of children’s social care in 15 English local authorities

Human Rights and the Government’s response to COVID-19

3 July 2020
Children whose mothers are in prison

Birth Companions' submission to the Women and Equalities Committee

1 May 2020
Read our submission to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 and associated measures.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

1 February 2020
What we know, what we don’t know, and what should happen next

The Birth Charter Toolkit

12 December 2019
A practical guide to implementing the Birth Charter’s recommendations

Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

11 December 2019
Born into Care reviews December 2019

Better for women

5 December 2019
Improving the health and wellbeing of girls and women

A sense of safety

4 December 2019
Trauma-informed approaches for women

Enough is enough: Our priorities for the next government

18 November 2019
Birth Companions' priorities for the next government

The right to family life

9 September 2019
Children whose mothers are in prison

Holding it all together

18 June 2019
Understanding how far the human rights of women facing disadvantage are respected during pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

Jumping Through Hoops

23 May 2019
How are coordinated responses to multiple disadvantage meeting the needs of women?

Maternity care reform in English prisons

8 March 2019
A century of unanswered concerns

Breaking Down the Barriers

27 February 2019
Findings of the National Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence and Multiple Disadvantage

Making Better Births a reality for women with multiple disadvantages

18 January 2019
A joint research report by Birth Companions and Revolving Doors Agency.

The NHS Long Term Plan

7 January 2019

The NHS Long Term Plan includes a number of important plans for changes to maternity care in England, including implementing an enhanced and targeted continuity of carer model to help improve outcomes for the most vulnerable mothers and babies, and halving maternity-related deaths by 2025.

Alternative approaches to prison for mothers of young children

1 January 2019

This study explores a range of alternative approaches to imprisonment for mothers of young children being taken in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and the US.

The Women’s Mental Health Taskforce

19 December 2018
Final report

Born into care

15 October 2018
Newborns in care proceedings in England

What works to enhance the effectiveness of the healthy child programme

4 June 2018

The Healthy Child Programme 0–5 was first introduced in 2009. This report refreshes the 2009 evidence by consolidating key messages from two recently completed evidence reviews. 

Gender specific standards to improve health and well-being for women in prison in England

1 March 2018

Document containing six key principles and 122 standards split into 10 sections addressing the health and well-being needs of women in prison. 

Birth Charter for Women in Prison in England and Wales

26 May 2017
The Birth Charter is a set of recommendations for the care of pregnant women and new mothers in prison.

Corsten: 10 Years On

5 March 2017

This report aims to give an overview of what progress has been made to date in the implementation of the Corston recommendations.

Taking forward women centred solutions

5 June 2016

Publication focusing on ways in which women-centred approaches can be adopted to benefit local authorities, partner agencies and residents.

Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons

1 January 2016
A report to the Home Office

Hard Edges

5 June 2015
Mapping Severe and Multiple Disadvantage In England

Solutions from the Frontline

1 June 2015
Recommendations for policymakers on supporting people with multiple needs

Women Offenders: Follow-Up

17 March 2015
House of Commons Justice Committee report

Mother & Baby Units

23 December 2014
Prison Service Instruction (PSI) 49/2014

Women and Girls at Risk

6 August 2014
Evidence across the course of life

Brighter Futures

6 June 2014
Working together to reduce women's offending

Expectations: Criteria for assessing the treatment of and conditions for women in prison

5 June 2014

First version of HM Inspectorate of Prisons’ standards which specifically address the outcomes expected for women in prison.

Experiences, utilisation and outcomes of maternity care in England among women

5 June 2014

Study exploring experiences of maternity care among women from different socio-economic groups in order to improve understanding of why socially disadvantaged women have poorer maternal health outcomes in the UK. 

Women Offenders

6 July 2013
After the Corston Report

Looked After Children and Offending

6 January 2012
Reducing Risk and Promoting Resilience

Cortson Report: Women in the penal system

6 June 2011
Second report

Prison Mother and Baby Units

20 January 2008
Do they meet the best interests of the child?

Corston Report

6 March 2007
A review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the Criminal Justice System
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