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Trauma-informed care in the perinatal period

A good practice guide to support implementation of trauma-informed care in the perinatal period
22 Feb 2021

MBRRACE-UK: Saving Lives, Improving Mothers' Care 2020

Lessons to inform maternity care from the UK and Ireland Confidential Enquiries in Maternal Death and Morbidity 2016-18
14 Jan 2021

Supporting midwives to address the needs of women experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage

Position Statement from the Royal College of Midwives
23 Nov 2020

Your inside guide to pregnancy, birth and motherhood in prison

This Birth Companions publication, which has been developed in partnership with women who have lived experience, offers an accessible and comprehensive guide to pregnancy and early motherhood in the prison system, including information on: 

6 Nov 2020

Why mothers at risk of separation or separated from their babies need access to specialist care

Blog post by Kirsty Kitchen, Head of Policy and Communications, Birth Companions
22 Sep 2020

Alone and Waiting

The experiences of pregnant women in prison during the Covid crisis
25 Aug 2020

From Now On...

Priorities for pregnant women and new mothers facing multiple disadvantage
23 Jul 2020

Birth Companions' submission to the Women and Equalities Committee

Read our submission to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 and associated measures.
1 May 2020

Guidelines for staff supporting breastfeeding women in prison

These guidelines were drawn up by our Prison Coordinator and Breastfeeding lead, Abbi Ayers with input from our Prison Services Coordinator Sarah Stephen Smith

23 Jan 2020

Pregnancy and childbirth in English prisons

Institutional ignominy and the pains of imprisonment
10 Jan 2020

Saving Lives, Improving Mothers' Care

The MBRRACE-UK 2019 report
13 Dec 2019

The Birth Charter Toolkit

A practical guide to implementing the Birth Charter’s recommendations
12 Dec 2019

Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

Born into Care reviews December 2019
11 Dec 2019

Five Principles of Perinatal Peer Support

What does good look like?
3 Dec 2019

A Vicious Circle

The relationship between NHS Charges for Maternity Care, Destitution, and Violence Against Destitution, and Violence Against Women and Girls
1 Nov 2019

Holding it all together

Understanding how far the human rights of women facing disadvantage are respected during pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.
18 Jun 2019

Jumping Through Hoops

How are coordinated responses to multiple disadvantage meeting the needs of women?
23 May 2019

Maternity care reform in English prisons

A century of unanswered concerns
8 Mar 2019

Making Better Births a reality for women with multiple disadvantages

A joint research report by Birth Companions and Revolving Doors Agency.
18 Jan 2019

“Being the best person that they can be and the best mum”

A qualitative study of community volunteer doula support for disadvantaged mothers before and after birth in England
10 Jan 2019

The NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan includes a number of important plans for changes to maternity care in England, including implementing an enhanced and targeted continuity of carer model to help improve outcomes for the most vulnerable mothers and babies, and halving maternity-related deaths by 2025.

7 Jan 2019

Saving Lives, Improving Mothers' Care

The MBRRACE-UK 2018 Lay Summary
1 Nov 2018

Maternal Request Caesarean

Report by Birthrights on their research into Maternal Request Caesarean in Hospital Trusts around the country to find out how far policies and practice varied across the country. 

1 Sep 2018

Prevention in Mind

All Babies Count: Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health
4 Jun 2018

What works to enhance the effectiveness of the healthy child programme

The Healthy Child Programme 0–5 was first introduced in 2009. This report refreshes the 2009 evidence by consolidating key messages from two recently completed evidence reviews. 

4 Jun 2018

Gender specific standards to improve health and well-being for women in prison in England

Document containing six key principles and 122 standards split into 10 sections addressing the health and well-being needs of women in prison. 

1 Mar 2018

A qualitative study of volunteer doulas working alongside Midwives at births in England

Study to explore trained volunteer doulas’ and mothers’ experiences of doula support at birth and their perceptions of how this related to the midwife's role. 

1 Jan 2018

Short but not sweet

A study of the impact of short custodial sentences on mothers & their children

4 Jul 2017

I didn't think we'd be dealing with stuff like this

A qualitative study of volunteer support for very disadvantaged pregnant women and new mothers. 

5 Jun 2017

Mothers’ accounts of the impact on emotional well-being of organised peer support

A qualitative study looking at the impact on emotional well-being of organised peer support in pregnancy and early parenthood.

5 Jun 2017

Women’s experiences of breastfeeding in prison

A qualitative study examining the experiences of 28 pregnant women and new mothers in prison in England
1 Jun 2017

Caring to make a difference with vulnerable women

Study looking the impact of targeted support on birth-related outcomes and experiences.

4 May 2017

Motherhood disrupted

Reflections of post-prison mothers
2 Mar 2017

Birth Charter for Women in Prison in England and Wales

The Birth Charter is a set of recommendations for the care of pregnant women and new mothers in prison.
26 May 2016

Experiences and Birth Outcomes of Vulnerable Women

Research into outcomes and experiences of support between vulnerable women who had and had not received support from Birth Companions.
1 Mar 2016

Peer support during pregnancy and early parenthood

A qualitative study of models and perceptions
12 Oct 2015

Evaluation of Birth Companions’ Community Link Service

Birth Companions commissioned the McPin Foundation, a mental health research charity, to evaluate their Community Link service. 

1 Jul 2015

Peer support during pregnancy and early parenthood

A qualitative study of models and perceptions
5 Jun 2015

Lost Spaces

Is the current procedure for women prisoners to gain a place in a prison Mother and Baby Unit fair and accessible?

5 May 2015

An Unfair Sentence

All babies count: spotlight on the Criminal Justice System
5 Nov 2014

Experiences, utilisation and outcomes of maternity care in England among women

Study exploring experiences of maternity care among women from different socio-economic groups in order to improve understanding of why socially disadvantaged women have poorer maternal health outcomes in the UK. 

5 Jun 2014

Doulas and Healthcare providers

Working together for better maternal and infant outcomes
6 Jun 2013

When Maternity Doesn't Matter

Report investigating the health impact of dispersal and relocation on pregnant women seeking asylum and new mothers.

14 Mar 2013

Prison Mother and Baby Units

Do they meet the best interests of the child?
20 Jan 2008

Perinatal Healthcare in Prison

A Scoping Review of Policy and Provision
6 Jul 2006

Getting it Right

Services for Pregnant Women, New mothers and Babies in Prison
6 Jun 2006

Enhancing Care for Childbearing Women and Babies in Prison

Report examining Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) in women's prisons, and the services they provide to childbearing women in prison and their babies. It also looks at the broader issues faced by women prisoners. 

5 Nov 2005
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